Information about Parental Marketplace


About Us

Hi! We’re Kiera and Josh, the founders of Parental Marketplace. We have an adventurous, fun-loving, nearly two year old little girl. We, like most first time parents, went overboard for her arrival with baby equipment that we ‘had to have’! As our girl outgrows more toys, carseats and swings, we tuck them away in safe keeping for the next little Devine. This got us thinking… that maybe we’re not the only ones with storage rooms full of baby gear! 

Parental Marketplace provides an online network for families to rent their baby gear to neighbours, grandparents, travelers and more! Owners of the gear are able to make extra income on things they’re not currently using. And renters are able to borrow instead of buy, rent in a new location instead of lug along, and try before they invest! Whether you’re borrowing a double stroller for a day from a neighbour around the corner, or renting a bassinet from a stranger in a new city, you’re bound to make a new connection too! 

We’re in early stages with Parental Marketplace and value your feedback as we develop, adapt and adjust!